The End?

For anyone who still subscribes to this site – I am not longer updating it (in case you haven’t realised) and have no plans to revive the crew or the site. I am now actively involved in the GTA Content Creator Crew and it is basically exactly what I had in mind for my own crew. Their website is worth checking out as well as their social club to join

Clean racers amongst you would be better checking out either Nonchalant Dominance or Apex Stalkers (invite only see their forum for info)

These crews have something my crew could never achieve – people! I simply started the crew to late to get the required core of people to get it up and moving and apologise to anyone who joined who probably didn’t get the experience they wanted.

Feel free to check my social club. The crew will remain open for anyone who likes the badge as R* have (rightly imho) stopped the glitch that allows you to have fancy custom logo’s now.


News – Crew and 1.16 update



I’m back. 

I’m going to try again at running a crew. Other things got in the way last time but I have some ideas and am actively looking for new members. The crew still is open to clean racers only and I’m going to attempt to clarify the clean racing rules. Content creating is encouraged and I’ll think of ways to make it interesting for crew members to both get plays and reviews of content. 

Finally a new update is released tomorrow. Google it if you want to find out more info, or suprise yourself tomorrow. It looks good but you never quite know with Rockstar. It looks like a mini flying overhaul which I expect to add new flying races/ challenges. Remember to get involved. The crews only as good as it’s members. 

Crew Update


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As you may have noticed I’ve not updated the site recently. There has been a death in my family so I’m really not in a good place to do much.

It’s likely that I won’t update the site for a while, but there’s very little you’ve missed if you rely on me (which you probably wouldn’t) for GTA news. is the latest news from Rockstar and it’s pretty great. Clean racing crews will soon be a thing on the past (you can set opponents to non-contact so you can’t bump them), heists are coming, you can soon have more than one property and most importantly (sarcasm) the high popular (more sarcasm) capture modes can be created.

Sorry for the lack of real action. The database(s) I was planning is firmly on the back-burner and I’m unlikely to play much GTA or update this site much, if at all, this month. Apologies but this is the pitfalls of a 1 man band. If you think you can do a better job (or already do) leave a comment. Feel free to be part of the crew. I believe custom crew emblems can no longer be added the same way as before so this crew does at least have a great emblem, and great (if not so many) members.

New update


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The latest (1.11) update has been released (yesterday). It brings with it a business style update which sounds far more exciting than it actually is. New clothes and masks. (DO NOT BUY masks though because they’re buggy.

The main news is that 2 new cars are added, along with a new plane. I won’t spoil the surprise but all 3 are potentially race-able so possible purchases, albiet rather expensive. They also represent the nicest looking vehicles to-date.

Things I’ve noticed: Money cheats are removed (some), voting screens are more efficient, you can now commend other players (say well done) via lobby, payout changes from mission difficulty are more clearly visible, loading times appear to be slightly improved (could just be me). If you wear a hat it’s buggy – you need a new haircut post update. 

Sorry for the lack of anything new, but there’s really been very little going on in game, or in crew. Coupled with too much going on out of game (AFK) I’ve had less time than I’d wanted to work on this site. I’m expecting (naively) to make some steps forward with a database for cars, weapons and all custom content. It does, however, requiring some coding (the way I’m doing it anyway) which requires me learning the required languages. It could be a busy month for the crew, or learning to code could prove troublesome. I have plenty of good ideas but actually making them reality has proved far more complicated than I imagined (I never expected to have to code it!).

Remember any member invited is promoted, along with the invitee (just message me in-game / leave a comment here). 

How to view crew titles


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For anyone joining the crew for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy theme I’ve created some simple crew titles. However they are not displayed in game by default. To get them to display:

Pause the game > Go to the online tab > Options > Player rank title > Crew

(For all those that don’t like shorthand, pause the game and go to the online options. Find where it says player rank title and switch it to “crew”).

Event – Tonight @ 22:15 GMT

Racing playlist event tonight at 22:15 GMT (roughly). 

Event will include Grand Prix style tracks (no traffic, close barriers). To receive invite please join the crew. This will soon become a regular feature for the crew. 

If you have Google Calander (or any calander app that works with ical) you can view future events via:


Updated crew rules

The crew rules have been updated and edited. They’re more readable and slightly clearer. I’ve added additional rules for missions. Any thoughts? Leave a comment.

The crew’s numbers are still very small. Invite anyone who may be interested.

If you invite someone who joins the crew, drop me a line PSN: terto123 and tell me who it is. You’ll get a crew promotion, as will the person joining. Please tell them that there’s some rules though. The crew only works if everyone abides by the rules. 

Hints & Tips – Survival


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Playing survival is all about positioning. The playlist below lays out exactly where to be for all the survival locations. Click “Playlists” top left of the video link and find the survival you’re looking for.

If it’s not displaying for you the link is

The guides were made after 1.05 but the advice is largely the same. In my experience the NPC are more aggressive and smarter post 1.05, but only marginally and the guides layout a plan that effectively lines up the NPC for easy killing and this still works.

Thanks to YouTube user Nizkoo for making these available. These are the best guides I’ve seen for GTA online. As always bookmark, set up a homepage link for your smartphone or pretend this post never existed.

Correction – Valentines Update

My previous post suggested that the Valentines event would likely last the weekend only meaning you had very little time to get the limited time items. (I based this on previous events which have only lasted the weekend).

I was wrong. All the Valentines items should be available until the end of February. Excellent news for anyone saving up for the more expensive items. 

There is a Valentine’s day event that does actually last this weekend only. The main “highlight” is that sea races should pay out triple (money not RP).

Update is live


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The Valentines update is live. You can now get the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, Albany Roosevelt and various other items. These are limited time (however long that is) and the car is free is single player but $750,000 online! That’s a lot of cash. I’m hoping the update stays around for a bit so I can save up.

Until I can afford the Roosevelt I’m playing missions (now called contact missions) solely. These are the easiest way to make fast money. I’m likely to be on tonight around 10pm GMT, so if anyone reading this wants to get a crew bonus join up above, or if you’re already joined up then I’ll catch you online.

All the info from Rockstar

The highlights:

  • fixes various exploits (e.g. car duplicating)
  • allows replaying of any online mission via the pause menu (Making money making that bit easier).
  • Passive mode is now improved so if you’re killed in passive mode the person who killed you pays your hospital bills.
  • you can now blow kisses as a celebration
  • you can now set it so other people are only allowed in your car as passengers via the interaction menu (Although, having played today it doesn’t appear to have solved the problem of everyone driving their own car in missions, thus splitting up and making the job more difficult).
  • there’s a lot of minor fixes that fix a lot of minor annoyances

All in all a successful update – the main change is that online missions are now re-playable. Expect this to be exploited way to much by people online.