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Name:              Down the Records

Creator:            ajm_agrajag(me)

Type:                Point to point race

Category:       Sightseeing point to point

Short Review:   Race that joins up the most played (seemingly at least) races in GTA 5; Criminal Records and down the Drains. 17/20

Good points:    Sightseeing, varied (long straights, 2 simple tracks, downtown section with turns), checkpoints are well placed with no pointless props.

Bad points:      Car park after Criminal Records provides unnecessary obstacles (depending on time of day), Long highway section is boring, Joining Down the Drains is over a jump (pre-placed by game) so landing the right way up is a bit hit and miss.

Scoring(20) Concept (5) Variation(6) Checkpoint(3) Props(3) Enjoyment(3)
17 5 4 3 2 3

Difficulty: 6/10