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Name:              Los Santos Customs

Creator:            ajm_agrajag(me)

Type:                Point to point race

Category:       Sightseeing point to point

Short Review:  Race that joins the four Los Santos Customs. Difficult with some very narrow sections full of hazards. It seemed like a good idea, but somehow hasn’t quite worked out as well as expected. Not recommended for those short of patience, time or skill.

Rather difficult, with random obstacles (e.g. props used to make avoiding hidden tree easier) and off road sections. Quite long and I’d be surprised if this race is well liked.

Good points:    Sightseeing, very varied (long straights, narrow difficult sections, 90 degree corners, fast corner), reaches all four LS customs. Generally well laid out, relatively ambitious track.

Bad points:      Checkpoints are slightly too far spaced out occasionally, too many obstacles for some people’s liking (including ramp supports and some props), difficult and rather long in the default compact.

Scoring(20) Concept (5) Variation(6) Checkpoint(3) Props(3) Enjoyment(3)
16 5 5 2 1.5 2.5

Difficulty: 9/10