This Friday see’s the release of the next DLC for GTA online. Nothing says I want to kill you quite like valentines day after all. All the info is available from Rockstar.

The update includes a new car, a new gun and clothes. However it is limited time only so make sure you go online over the weekend (on Friday if you want to be safe – there’s no official word on how long the event will last). The car looks amazing: http://gtaforums.com/topic/682946-albany-roosevelt/ 

Fingers crossed that the price isn’t going to be too steep for this and the other limited time deals. The good news appears to be that the car appears to be free in story mode and will be in the “special” cars part of the garages.

Rumours of the upcoming heists are also gaining motion with Rockstar appearing to suggest that more information could come as early as Friday. I’d be surprised if we see them before the end of the month though.

My advice for the update? Don’t spend on single penny on anything but limited time deals. Once you have the items you can keep them forever, and everything else will still be available after the event.