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The Valentines update is live. You can now get the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, Albany Roosevelt and various other items. These are limited time (however long that is) and the car is free is single player but $750,000 online! That’s a lot of cash. I’m hoping the update stays around for a bit so I can save up.

Until I can afford the Roosevelt I’m playing missions (now called contact missions) solely. These are the easiest way to make fast money. I’m likely to be on tonight around 10pm GMT, so if anyone reading this wants to get a crew bonus join up above, or if you’re already joined up then I’ll catch you online.

All the info from Rockstar

The highlights:

  • fixes various exploits (e.g. car duplicating)
  • allows replaying of any online mission via the pause menu (Making money making that bit easier).
  • Passive mode is now improved so if you’re killed in passive mode the person who killed you pays your hospital bills.
  • you can now blow kisses as a celebration
  • you can now set it so other people are only allowed in your car as passengers via the interaction menu (Although, having played today it doesn’t appear to have solved the problem of everyone driving their own car in missions, thus splitting up and making the job more difficult).
  • there’s a lot of minor fixes that fix a lot of minor annoyances

All in all a successful update – the main change is that online missions are now re-playable. Expect this to be exploited way to much by people online.