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The latest (1.11) update has been released (yesterday). It brings with it a business style update which sounds far more exciting than it actually is. New clothes and masks. (DO NOT BUY masks though because they’re buggy.

The main news is that 2 new cars are added, along with a new plane. I won’t spoil the surprise but all 3 are potentially race-able so possible purchases, albiet rather expensive. They also represent the nicest looking vehicles to-date.

Things I’ve noticed: Money cheats are removed (some), voting screens are more efficient, you can now commend other players (say well done) via lobby, payout changes from mission difficulty are more clearly visible, loading times appear to be slightly improved (could just be me). If you wear a hat it’s buggy – you need a new haircut post update. 

Sorry for the lack of anything new, but there’s really been very little going on in game, or in crew. Coupled with too much going on out of game (AFK) I’ve had less time than I’d wanted to work on this site. I’m expecting (naively) to make some steps forward with a database for cars, weapons and all custom content. It does, however, requiring some coding (the way I’m doing it anyway) which requires me learning the required languages. It could be a busy month for the crew, or learning to code could prove troublesome. I have plenty of good ideas but actually making them reality has proved far more complicated than I imagined (I never expected to have to code it!).

Remember any member invited is promoted, along with the invitee (just message me in-game / leave a comment here).