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As you may have noticed I’ve not updated the site recently. There has been a death in my family so I’m really not in a good place to do much.

It’s likely that I won’t update the site for a while, but there’s very little you’ve missed if you rely on me (which you probably wouldn’t) for GTA news.

http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52217/Grand-Theft-Auto-Online-Spring-Updates is the latest news from Rockstar and it’s pretty great. Clean racing crews will soon be a thing on the past (you can set opponents to non-contact so you can’t bump them), heists are coming, you can soon have more than one property and most importantly (sarcasm) the high popular (more sarcasm) capture modes can be created.

Sorry for the lack of real action. The database(s) I was planning is firmly on the back-burner and I’m unlikely to play much GTA or update this site much, if at all, this month. Apologies but this is the pitfalls of a 1 man band. If you think you can do a better job (or already do) leave a comment. Feel free to be part of the crew. I believe custom crew emblems can no longer be added the same way as before so this crew does at least have a great emblem, and great (if not so many) members.