For anyone who still subscribes to this site – I am not longer updating it (in case you haven’t realised) and have no plans to revive the crew or the site. I am now actively involved in the GTA Content Creator Crew and it is basically exactly what I had in mind for my own crew. Their website is worth checking out as well as their social club to join

Clean racers amongst you would be better checking out either Nonchalant Dominance or Apex Stalkers (invite only see their forum for info)

These crews have something my crew could never achieve – people! I simply started the crew to late to get the required core of people to get it up and moving and apologise to anyone who joined who probably didn’t get the experience they wanted.

Feel free to check my social club. The crew will remain open for anyone who likes the badge as R* have (rightly imho) stopped the glitch that allows you to have fancy custom logo’s now.