Coming Soon

I’m relatively ambitious about what this crew could do. However, currently, it is in it’s infancy and is quite small scale. When it grows (with your help) I hope to implement:

  • Xbox Crew (volunteer via comments if you want to run it)
  • More race reviews. New reviews for death matches and other custom content
  • Chat rooms, either via PS3 PSN chat, or some kind of cross-platform (PC, android, iphone) chat room. Ideas welcome in comments
  • New writers.
  • Database for races and deathmatchs and a system for asking for suggestions for your creations. I’ve made some progress with this but it’s a little complicated.
  • Social media integration. Facebook, Google+
  • Integration with the upcoming GTA update which is widely expected to introduce heists.
  • More members. For all you economists out there you’ll know that things like this have network externalities (look at me showing off). Basically the more people join the better the crew, which will then encourage more people to join.
  • Calendar system for meet-ups. I’m part way through creating a Google calendar (ical) so meet-ups can be arranged more easily.

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