Crew Rules

The crew is free to join. You don’t need a minimum ranking, shots to kill ratio or anything like that. However, please agree to some “simple” rules. You basically just need to agree to be Mostly Harmless.

I do realise there’s a lot of rules but don’t let that put you off. They’re all designed to make playing GTA a bit less irritating.

Condensed Crew Rules

  1. No modding, money hacks, car duplicating or abuse of other members, in crew or otherwise.
  2. Do NOT kill crew members (unless in deathmatch).
  3. Aim to race cleanly. No shunting, no pit stop manoeuvres & no ramming of the car in front.  You can only pass by going round the car, not through it. Give place back if you force another driver off (including accidents).
  4. Play missions as a team. Wait for other players to arrive at location (unless timed), travel together, don’t ram others off the road, etc.
  5. On spawn after job no killing anyone else that was involved in mission (even bounties). If you want to be killed send a “kill me” message.

You must agree to the above rules to join the crew. Detailed explanations, and further minor rules are provided below.

Racing rules

Clean racing – this means no shunting and no weaving. 

  • If your in front no weaving (yes even at the last checkpoint).
  • On straights pick a side and stick to it. No late defending of places by swerving into a opponents line. Get behind them, slipstream and you’ll soon have the place back.
  • If your behind; no ramming of the car in front, pass cleanly.
  • Take care when slipstreaming. Don’t get too close and push your opponent out of the way. Remember they’ve got to break for the corner too. Ease off accelerator when slipstreaming until passing opportunity arises.
  • Absolutely no pit-stop manoeuvres.
  • When passed edge back to racing line, no swerving back in.
  • Give place back if you’re in a 1 v 1 battle. If you’re likely to lose place(s) use your own judgement.
  • Spun out? Rejoin the track carefully.
  • In GTA races aim for a crew 1-2. DO NOT take out your crew mate. Obviously if it’s a crew only race do what you want. Clean racing still applies to GTA races.

Remember accidents will happen. Hit someone else by accident? Feel free to say sorry via the in-game message system.


  • Everyone should arrive at the same time which makes missions a lot easier. Either go in the same car or in formation.
  • Don’t use explosives where a document, car or other can get blown up.
  • In many missions you’ll move onto another destination under heavy fire from NPC’s. If possible wait until someone else can join you in a vehicle and help fend off the heavy fire. Again this makes missions easier.
  • No time wasting in missions, but no rushing either. It’s not a race to reach the destination.

Main room

  • No killing crew members, no vendettas within the crew. Work together.
  • No targeting of crew members taking Simeon’s wanted vehicle. Targeting other players is a poor use of resources It takes a lot of time to kill another player, likely destroys the vehicle and the payout is rarely much higher than taking a Baller or similar to Los Santos Customs.
  • No muggers on crew mates.
  • Don’t target players on low levels (i.e. those with just a pistol). It’s pointless. Those on low levels should also avoid targeting those on high levels – you’re only going to lose.

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