Upcoming update – GTA online Valentines Day



This Friday see’s the release of the next DLC for GTA online. Nothing says I want to kill you quite like valentines day after all. All the info is available from Rockstar.

The update includes a new car, a new gun and clothes. However it is limited time only so make sure you go online over the weekend (on Friday if you want to be safe – there’s no official word on how long the event will last). The car looks amazing: http://gtaforums.com/topic/682946-albany-roosevelt/ 

Fingers crossed that the price isn’t going to be too steep for this and the other limited time deals. The good news appears to be that the car appears to be free in story mode and will be in the “special” cars part of the garages.

Rumours of the upcoming heists are also gaining motion with Rockstar appearing to suggest that more information could come as early as Friday. I’d be surprised if we see them before the end of the month though.

My advice for the update? Don’t spend on single penny on anything but limited time deals. Once you have the items you can keep them forever, and everything else will still be available after the event.




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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’m working on a increasingly complex review system to replace the basic one that I have at the moment. I plan to make a system where anyone can review and post races much easier (and so provide a alternative to the basic and flawed Rockstar system). A search facility will be provided so you can search for the kinds of races you like. 

It all sounds very good but my complete lack of expertise means I’m running to Google docs to provide a solution – and it’s limited facilities may prove a stumbling block. Also a lack of time is currently providing a more substantial stumbling block at the moment. Be patient and I’ll get something good going, hopefully. 

We now have 4 members, which is pretty good I guess but I’m yet to actually do anything with any of you on GTA! I’m on pretty late at 9 or 10 UK time until really late UK time. Hope to catch some of you on-line in the coming week. 

Hints &Tips – finding the best cars (Android app)

One of the main components of GTA racing is the machine itself. Which car do you buy? Which is best in a straight line race? Luckily there’s plenty of resources out there.

Annoyingly the internet is full of complicated, over the top tables, spreadsheets and so on that make finding the best car a bit of a headache. That’s why I use a app:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sitcocolita.gtaVcars

You can find the best car as the sum of the stats (acceleration, speed etc,) or find the best car in sports (for instance) for the tight circuits that were giving me headaches in my Carbonizzare. With help from the app, I decided to plum for the Elegy and my fortunes have changed. Just look for high traction vehicles by sorting by traction. It’s really that simple.

Sadly there’s no equivalent for the iphone, or even the PC that I can recommend.



Hints & Tips – Money Making through LS customs

Los Santos Customs Selling Guide

A printable (using 1 sheet of paper, duplex) guide for selling cars at Los Santos Customs. You can also bookmark it, and use the bookmark widget on android to have easy access to it on your Android phone. Or, on iphone go to the doc in Safara, click the Share link (top right) and click “add to homepage”. (You can also link to the google doc directly from your homescreen – Google it).

This is the easiest way to make money in GTA online. As soon as the game loads up I recommend you find a car on the list (or go up to the golf course as good cars often spawn here), steal and sell the car at any Los Santos Customs shop. Around $9,000 for 5 minutes work is very good going. And, by the time you’ve finished playing it’s a whole new day (in-game time only, hopefully) so you can repeat the process before you quit playing.



Hints and Tips guide


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Hints and Tips guide

A good, detailed guide created by XXBENJI21. Creating the hints and tips section of the site is going to pretty easy with quality like this.

Sure, some of the tips apply more to freemode (which I rarely play) but a good guide that’s sure to include at least 1 thing you didn’t know, like the fact you can shoot grenades away from you. (I’ve been running away, up to now).

Get involved


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Things are going OK so far. The crew’s still pretty small but I feel the site is taking shape.

If you want to get more involved, and don’t want to responsibility / headache of running a site then see this page for more information. (Also go there if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say something).


Hints & Tips – The racing line (video)


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A good video describing the racing line in GTA (and I suppose generally). Most people reading this will probably already know about it, but less than half the players I race with appear to use it (although if you don’t know the track layout it is pretty tricky).

Again hope it’s of some use to you.


How to select a different livery (e.g. for a Sanchez)

The first post for the new how to… series looks at selecting a different livery than the Sprunk default. I’ve noticed quite a few people with mics complaining that it’s impossible to select anything different. However, it’s very easy if you know how:

  1. Go down to the livery selection
  2. Go left or right to find the selection you want
  3. Click ‘x’ when you’ve found the one you want

It took me ages to figure this out. Hope this helps someone else.

In other news the site is still growing and I’m working on it behind the scenes. I’m hoping to make it more collaborative, particularly the race review system.